CTE Assessment Committee

This committee, made up of representatives from K-12 adult schools, community college credit programs, and community college noncredit programs, examined issues pertaining to how CTE programs should be assessed for AEBG. The committee met twice. In the first meeting, the group reviewed possible options detailed in a white paper and developed a proposal for review. The group met after receiving feedback on their proposal and crafted a final recommendation, which informed the summary reports and documentation to the state and the field.

CTE Assessment Committee Meeting 1 - June 1, 2017

CTE Assessment Committee Meeting 2 - July 11, 2017

CTE Assessment Committee Members

Kate Alder (CDD)
Vice President, Instruction
San Diego Continuing Education
Kate's Bio

Kate Alder
Vice President of Instruction, San Diego Continuing Education

Kate Alderr

I am a passionate, informed higher education practitioner with extensive experience including administration, supervision and employee development. I believe that the goal of education is to provide students of all ages with the tools and skills necessary to be productive members of our society--empowered and willing to inquire, explore and participate.

I received my PhD in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis from UW Madison in 2013 where my dissertation, "Invisible Value of Postsecondary Career Technical Education," examined the ways in which postsecondary CTE students define and construct their successes. My earlier research focused on obstacles to adult participation in continuing and higher education, particularly concerning issues of self-efficacy and social capital.

Frank Gerdeman (CCD)
Director of Adult Education
Lake Tahoe Community College

Stephen Baiter (Workforce)
Executive Director Oakland Workforce Development Board
City of Oakland Economic & Workforce Development Department
Stephen's Bio

Stephen Baiter
Executive Director Oakland Workforce Development Board
City of Oakland Economic & Workforce Development Department

Stephen Baiter

Stephen is currently the Executive Director of the City of Oakland Workforce Development Board (OWDB). The OWDB is an advisory body appointed whose members are appointed by the Mayor and is comprised of more than twenty leaders from business, economic development, education, labor, and select public agencies whose goal is to align a variety of networks and resources to support high-quality jobs and a vibrant economy in the City of Oakland and the East Bay. In this role, Stephen is responsible for working with regional leaders and a diverse set of stakeholders to design strategies and policies that enhance the local talent pipeline to benefit the businesses and workers in our region’s communities.

Prior to assuming his current position, Stephen held a variety of leadership positions in the public and nonprofit sectors working in partnership with business, economic development, education, and other organizations. He is currently the Chair of the California Workforce Association, a statewide membership organization representing the local workforce system in California and also serves on the board of directors of a few East Bay nonprofit organizations focused on education and economic development. He has a BA in Political Science from Boston College and a Master’s in Public Administration from California State University-East Bay.

Connie Lee (K12)
CAERC Director
Sacramento COE

Rocky Bettar (K12)
Director of Adult Education
Rowland Unified School District
Rocky's Bio

Rocky Bettar
Director of Adult Education, Rowland Unified School District

Rocky Bettar

Rocky started in education in 1976 after graduating from Long Beach State with a BA in Industrial Technology. He earned a Master Degree in PE and Administrative Credential from Azusa Pacific in 1983 and 1986 respectively.

Rocky taught in Metal Shop in junior high from 1976-1980; taught Machine Shop in high school from 1980-1992; was in charge of ROP at Rowland High School from 1983-1995; and became Director of Adult Education/Career Preparation for Rowland Unified in 1995.

Rocky is one of the longest tenured adult education administrators in the state. He is a strong advocate for adult education, believes that what K12 adult educators do in California is nothing short of a miracle.

Stephanie Lewis (CCD)
Director of Adult Education
Long Beach City College
Stephanie's Bio

Stephanie Lewis
Director of Adult Education, Long Beach City College

Stephanie Lewis

My name is Stephanie Lewis and I am currently the Program Director for Adult Education at Long Beach City College. Specifically, I am responsible for overseeing the AEBG program in the Long Beach Adult Education Consortium.  I have served in this position for the last year. Prior to LBCC I held the positions of Director of Career Technical Education and Academics for Los Angeles Job Corps and Principal in the Division of Adult and Career Education in Los Angeles Unified School District. I served in the adult division for over 23 years holding various positions including instructor in Career Technical Education, CASAS Coordinator, WIA Coordinator, Carl Perkins Advisor, GAIN and Cal Works Advisor and Supervisor of Community Outreach and Grants. I have a BA in Child Development from California State University Northridge and a Masters in Educational Management with an Administrative Credential from University of LA Verne. I also hold three Designated Subjects Credentials in Health Technology; Business and Office Careers; and Computer Services.  Additionally, I have completed administrative training through the California Adult Literacy Professional Development Program (CALPRO). I am a involved member of various organizations; California Regional Occupations Centers and Programs (CAROC/P); California Council Adult Education (CCAE); Women’s Educators (WE); Association Community and Continuing Education (ACCE) and California Community College Association Occupational Education (CCCAOE). I have also been involved in SkillsUSA which is a Career Technical organization and have judged at the regional, state and national levels. I currently am a part of the Deans Team at LBCC in addition to the Student Equity Committee and am a member of the Strong Workforce Group.

Bill Bettencourt (K12)
Placer School for Adults
Bill's Bio

Bill Bettencourt
Principal, Placer School for Adults

Bill Bettencourt

I started my career in adult education in 1986, working part-time in Adult Ed as a Vocational Education instructor (this was before we used the term CTE). Starting the journey as a part-time instructor and in 1988 moving to full-time status was my classroom experience with AE Vocational Ed/CTE. Eventually I moved from the classroom to administration, and my focus has continually been on Vocational Education/CTE. My story started in Tracy USD, then Sacramento City USD, then to San Juan USD, and now in Placer Union High School district. I have always been in Adult Education. In each district my time was directed toward support for Vocational Education/CTE. In each district we had a sizable CTE component, and currently we are building and expanding the CTE and Older Adults Workforce Reentry programs at Placer School for Adults. As you can see, I bring 30 years of commitment to California Adult Education with a concentration in Vocational Education/CTE. During these years I have served at local and state levels of CCAE and on Legislative Committees, and presented at Senate Hearings to represent the AEBG initiative. I currently serve on a Local Workforce Investment Board in my region, and have built many new partnerships and collaborations with agencies to support workforce development.

Teresa Matos (K12)
CTE Coordinator
Sweetwater Adult
Teresa's Bio

Teresa Matos
CTE Coordinator, Sweetwater Adult

Teresa Matos

Teresa Matos is a Teacher on Special Assignment with Sweetwater Union High School District, Division of Adult Education. For the past 25 years, Teresa Matos has worked in Adult Education as a Career Technical educator and coordinator.  She has worked on a variety of CTE initiatives; including CTE TEACH, CTE Model Curriculum Standards, and the development of programs of study within her region. She currently oversees the Workability program and pursues funding for workforce development education. Teresa believes adult education gives Purpose to People and teaches Persistence for Success.

John Brauer (Labor)
Executive Director Workforce and Economic Development
California Labor Federation

Adrienne Ann Mullen (CCD)
Dean of Adult Education
Los Angeles CCD
Adrienne Ann's Bio

Adrienne Ann Mullen
Dean of Adult Education, Los Angeles CCD

Adrienne Ann Mullen

Dr. Adrienne Ann Mullen has over 28 years experience working in both public and private education. For the past 15 years, she has worked in the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) where she is the Dean of Adult Education Programs and Services. She coordinates the delivery of the adult education program across the nine LACCD colleges in the Los Angeles Regional Adult Education Consortium. As a dean at East Los Angeles College (ELAC) for nine years, she worked with a number of programs including Liberal Arts, Career Technical Education, Noncredit, and specially-funded grants like the CAHSEE Program, Basic Skills, and Adult Education. Prior to her position as a dean, she started as the Regional Coordinator for Foster and Kinship Education (FKCE) at ELAC coordinating FKCE programs at 17 colleges within Los Angeles County. Dr. Mullen has an Ed.D. from UCLA in Educational Leadership, a M.Ed. from the University of South Carolina in Counseling and Student Development, and BS in Education from Concord University in Athens, WV, with a specialization in Early Childhood Special Education.

Andrew Carter (CCD)
CTE Research Analyst
College of the Sequoias

Steve Thompson (K12)
Assistant Principal
Ventura Adult & Continuing Education

Community Input

The AEBG Office sought community input throughout this process. Community members were encouraged to provide comments throughout the process regarding priorities and concerns on data and accountability issues. WestEd attended adult education meetings and conferences and gathered input from the field.

Partnering for a Strong California Workforce
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The California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office (CCCCO) and the California Department of Education (CDE) are working in partnership to implement the requirements outlined in the Adult Education Block Grant (AEBG). We will continue to provide guidance and solicit feedback from the field throughout the implementation process.