AEBG Consortia Reporting and Planning

*Note: The new reporting system NOVA has been launched and future reporting and planning for 2017-18 funds will be submitted this new system.

2017-18 Annual Plan Toolkit

The 2017-18 planning process will be completed in two phases:
Phase I: Due Aug. 15 in web portal
  2017-18 Annual Plan Template  
  2017-18 General Assurances

Phase II: Due late October/early November in new fiscal system
   2017-18 Budget Detail and Activities
The planning process will take place in two phases this year as we transition to our new integrated financial and reporting system. The Annual Plan Template request big-picture information about key accomplishments, challenges and goals for the coming year. Member level activities are not required on the annual plan template. To learn more, register for the June 23 AEBG TAP webinar. 

Budget Detail and Activities will be submitted in the second phase using a new fiscal system that currently is in development. Furthermore, the AEBG Office will be hosting regional training on the policy updates in September to assist with the completion of the Budget Detail and Activities form.


  • Consortium 2017-18 Annual Plan Template Revised 6.12.17 - As in previous years, the 2017-18 Annual Plan will ask Consortia to consider key accomplishments and challenges from the prior year, as well as outline goals and activities for following funding year. The Consortium Annual Plan Template is intended to support consortium planning by providing an editable "preview" reporting form that can be used to draft the annual plan. The plan itself will be submitted via the AEBG Web Portal and will be available starting June 1 and will close on August 15.
  • AEBG 2017-18 General Assurances - For the purposes of evaluating Consortia and Consortium Member effectiveness, the California Department of Education and California Community College Chancellor's Office establish annual indicators of compliance. All consortium members must agree to adhere to these requirements as a condition for receipt of AEBG funds. Failure to meet the requirements listed in the 2017-18 AEBG General Assurances Document may result in a determination of non-compliance and lead to partial or complete loss of Consortium and/or Member funding.
  • Regional Fact Sheets (revised 6.30.17) - Regional facts sheets have been created for each consortium. These fact sheets will help regions identify gaps as well as review progress since the 2012-13 program year. The sheets provide a demographic summary, funding availability within the region from various funding sources, as well as a gaps analysis for four program areas for which data is available: elementary and secondary basic skills, English as a second language, programs for adults with disabilities, and career technical education.


Online Expenditure Reporting System and User Guide

Consortia should report their year-to-date expenditures and progress through the web-based reporting system. The user guide linked below will walk consortia members through the system.

Historic Planning Documents:

2016-17 AEBG Annual Plan Template and Guidance Documents

These are the documents that will be used to describe to the state legislators and agencies the progress each Consortium made in Year 1 of the block grant towards achieving their AEBG Three-Year Plan. The format also provides a platform for updating activities and goals for Year 2. The Year 2 Plan Template was created with the following in mind:

  • As much as possible, the Plan format should provide content clarity between Year 1 proposals and progress and Year 2 updates, while limiting the amount of reiterative writing needed from consortia submitters. In order to provide consistency, the structure is largely the same. Some information is auto filled (and locked) to facilitate reflection, updates and planning.
  • It is understood that Year 1 was short. The timing of this Year 2 Plan is intended to begin aligning AEBG with the Program year for most educational programs, and with WIOA and other major Adult Education and CTE efforts. The sections in this Plan encourage reflection on what has be achieved to date, what the successes and challenges have been, and what implications those have for moving forward.
  • Data will not be available on Year 1 enrollment and student achievements until after the end of the program year (June 30, 2016). Setting enrollment and performance targets for Year 2 will occur after year-end data is available – in August 2016. In this Annual Plan, we are looking to learn from the consortia about the trends they are seeing to date for achieving the goals of the AEBG. This review can help both the state and the consortia plan more effectively for Year 2.

An overview of the progress made to date by the state on the AEBG Data Tracking System is provided in Section 4.

CLICK HERE for AEBG 2016-17 Plan Template - updated 7.1.16
CLICK HERE for AEBG 2016-17 Plan Consortium Expenditure Workbook - updated 7.26.16
CLICK HERE for AEBG 2016-17 Plan Member Expenditure Form - updated 7.26.16

2016-17 AEBG Appropriation Process

2016-17 Governance Template

The State is requesting that all consortia download, complete, and send us this template for their governance compliance.

Please follow this format for file-naming conventions when you save your file to send back: Grant Number Consortium Name Date Name of Report (EX: 15-328-001 Allan Hancock Consortium 10.31.15 Governance Template.pdf)
Click here for a Hanover Research report entitled “Consortium Governance Structure to Maximize Implementation Success.”

Amended Three Year Consortia Plan Template

Although the three-year consortia plans were approved in March 2015, there are additional requirements set forth in the AEBG Budget bill (AB 104). Consortia will need to submit an amended plan to include the new language in the bill. The State requests that the consortium download, complete and submit this template.

Please follow this format for file-naming conventions when you save your file to send back: Grant Number Consortium Name Date Name of Report (EX: 12-345-67 AE Consortium 10.31.15 Consortia Plan Update)

2015-16 Annual Plan Template

The AEBG budget bill (AB 104) requires consortia to submit a yearly plan in order to receive funding. The State requests that all consortia download, complete and send us this template to submit the annual plan.

Please follow this format for file-naming conventions when you save your file to send back: Grant Number Consortium Name Date Name of Report (EX: 12-345-67 AE Consortium 10.31.15 Annual Plan)

2015-16 REVISED Workbook for Annual Plan, Sections 3 and 5,including the NEW Section 6 workbook

Sections 3 and 5 of the Annual Plan ask for member funding allocations and consortium estimated expenditures. Using this Workbook, each consortium will complete the spreadsheet by member. The spreadsheets by individual member will automatically be totaled together to provide the consortium level figures on the Roll-up Summary Page of the Workbook.

We have also converted the Section 6 Performance Measures table into a workbook to allow calculations and rolling up by member.

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The California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office (CCCCO) and the California Department of Education (CDE) are working in partnership to implement the requirements outlined in the Adult Education Block Grant (AEBG). We will continue to provide guidance and solicit feedback from the field throughout the implementation process.