Professional Learning

This page provides information and resources for AEBG Consortia regarding professional learning topics such as Marketing, Student Data Reporting, Policy, and Shared Professional Development.

Seamless Transitions

June 7, 2017 Curriculum Alignment for Accelerated Learning
- Download the Sample Forms for Curriculum Alignment: PDF
- Download the Presentation: PDF | PPTX
- Playback Webinar Recording
July 8, 2016 Immigrant Workforce Training Program
- Download the Presentation: PDF | PPTX
- Playback Webinar Recording
June 24, 2016 Integration of Immigrants into American Society with Special
Presenter Dr. Irene Bloemraad

- Download the Presentation: PDF | PPTX
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Seamless Transitions Practices with Promise Link

Student Acceleration

December 16, 2016 Q&A Summit Encore: Acceleration Strategies - Moving the needle
in Adult Education

- Download the Presentation: PDF | PPTX
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August 5, 2016 CTE Tools
- Download the Presentation: PDF | PPTX
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Student Acceleration Practices with Promise Link

Workforce Resources

- Download a list of workforce data and labor market tools
- Download CTE information and tools
- Click Here for Career Pathways and Guided Pathways tools and resources

Leveraging Funds

August 2, 2017 Getting the Most Out of Leveraging Resources
- HBAS Leveraging Funds
- Getting the Most Out of Leveraging Resources PowerPoint
- NOCR Leveraging Resources
- Spark Policy Institute Leveraging Resources
- Playback Webinar Recording

Partnership & Collaboration Practices with Promise Link

Collaboration Tools

The Community College Chancellor's Office provides information on seven resource programs available to communities for free that might be helpful during the planning process.

Shared Professional Development

August 9, 2017 OTAN Resources for Adult Education
- Download the Presentation Resource Guide: PDF
- Playback Webinar Recording
July 12, 2017 Planning for Collaborative Professional Learning
- Download the Presentation: PDF
- Playback Webinar Recording
May 31, 2017 Introduction to the AEBG Technical Assistance Project (TAP)
- Download the Presentation: PDF | PPTX
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Shared Professional Development Practices with Promise Link


September 8, 2017Building an Effective Outreach Plan for Adult Education
- Download the Presentation:  PPTX
- Playback Webinar Recording
July 14, 2017 Educate and Elevate California Campaign: Support for AEBG
- Download the Presentation: PDF | PPTX
- Playback Webinar Recording

Student Data Reporting

August 18, 2017 Upcoming Regional Training Highlights
- Download the Presentation:  PDF | PPTX
- Playback Webinar Recording
July 28, 2017 AEBG Data Integrity Report Clean-Up
- How To Clean Up Your Data Integrity Report Manual
- Playback Webinar Recording
July 26, 2017 TOPSpro Enterprise (TE) Basics: 3rd Party Import Data Exchange/
Entering and Editing Student Data

- Importing and Editing Manual
- TE Basics Participants 2016-17
- Playback Webinar Recording
July 21, 2017 Are You On Target? The AEBG Data Integrity Report
- Download the Presentation: PDF | PPTX
- 4th Quarter AEBG DIR Action Plan
- Playback Webinar Recording
July 19, 2017 AEBG TOPSpro Enterprise (TE) Data Submission Guidelines
- Download the Presentation: PDF | PPTX
- Webinar Chat Pod Transcript
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November 18, 2016 - Download the Presentation: PDF | PPTX
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August 11, 2017 Review of the Annual Plan
- Download the Presentation:  PDF | PPTX
- Playback Webinar Recording
June 23, 2017 Review of the AEBG Annual Plan Template and Fact Sheets
- Download the Presentation: PDF | PPTX
- Playback Webinar Recording
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We apologize for the inconvenience.**
August 10, 2016 All Things Fiscal: Funding, Reporting, Coding and
Tracking with Special Guest Nathan Hernandez from Visalia Unified
and the Sequoias Adult Education Consortium

- Download the Presentation: PDF | PPTX
- Listen to the Recording

Accounting Manuals

Below are links for the accounting manuals that Regions should reference based on the type of fiscal agent or organization they are. For K-12 and County Offices, refer to the California School Accounting Manual, and for community colleges, refer to the Budget and Accounting Manual.

- Download the K-12 and County Office California School Accounting Manual
- Download the Community College Budget and Accounting Manual

Sample Memorandums of Understanding

Consortia have asked for example MOUs that regional consortia are using between members and partners. Below are examples of MOUs that have been provided. These are meant to serve as examples only and are not the required format. Please contact the regional consortia who have provided these MOU samples to have questions answered regarding these examples.

- Sample #1 - Glendale Region Member MOU
- Sample #2 - Glendale Region Partner MOU
- Sample #3 - State Center Member Allocation
- Sample #4 - Capital Adult Education Regional Consortium (CAERC) Member MOU

AEBG Sample Consortium Bylaws

- Imperial County Adult Education Consortium Bylaws
- Citrus College District Consortium Bylaws
- Sierra Joint Consortium Bylaws
- Lassen County Consortium Bylaws
- South Bay Consortium for Adult Education Bylaws
- Coast Consortium Bylaws
- North Santa Clara County Student Transition Consortium Charter

Chancellor's Office Student Fee Handbook

Click Here for information about the handbook which contains policies and guidelines pertaining to student fees, for both credit and noncredit students.

Meeting the Needs/Filling the Gaps

May 6, 2016 Cross-System Data Capacity
- Download the Presentation: PDF | PPTX
- Listen to the Recording

District Boundaries Map

The Community College District Boundaries map shows all K12 school district offices and the community college districts that are in their jurisdiction. If you have any questions about which community college district falls into your school district, please contact

*Note: This map does not include the school district boundary overlay.*

- Click here for the map and instructions

New York Times Economic Mobility Tool

- NYT Report on Economic Mobility
- NYT Tool for Economic Mobility

Regional Economic Analysis

- Employment Development Department Regional Economic Analysis Profiles

These reports focus on the future employment demand of regional industry clusters and features them as primary investment opportunities for California's workforce development system. The goal of these reports is to account for industry clusters with the largest number of future job opportunities and help California’s workforce development system prepare the state's workforce to compete for these jobs.

The demographic data shared by the Work Group for planning as part of the past webinar is now available. The data includes total population, total population below poverty line, individuals over 25 without a high school diploma, number of unemployed individuals, number of English language learners (ESL), total adults with a disability, population of non-naturalized US citizens and number of adults with low literacy. The data is shown by AB 86 regional consortia area. Most of the data is US Census Bureau American Community Survey data that can be found on the California Department of Finance Demographic Research page. Data on Literacy can be found on the National Center for Education Statistics. in the National Assessment on Adult Literacy section. This data may be helpful during your local planning process.

- Planning Demographic Data PDF
- Planning Demographic Data Excel File

Partnering for a Strong California Workforce
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The California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office (CCCCO) and the California Department of Education (CDE) are working in partnership to implement the requirements outlined in the Adult Education Block Grant (AEBG). We will continue to provide guidance and solicit feedback from the field throughout the implementation process.