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Please note that the work group, cabinet, CCCCO, and CDE are not endorsing or requiring the use of any of these tools. These are being presented to show consortia some low-cost or free tools publically available for use in case a consortium would like to make use of these tools. There are other tools that are available that are not list here.

Google Drive
Google Drive allows users to save documents, spreadsheets, PowerPoints, pictures, videos and other media to the cloud. 

  • You can use your existing Google account (Gmail) if you have one or create a new Google account using your work email address. Here’s How
  • Google offers excellent instructions for using Google Drive. Learn More
  • How to Tutorial

Google Docs
This is Google’s word processing program. It allows real time collaboration, provides access to previous versions.  Google Docs can be converted to/from a Microsoft Word Document. They can be shared by granting access to other Google Drive users or using a web link.

Google Sheets
This is Google’s spreadsheet program. It allows real time collaboration and provides access to previous versions. Google Sheets can be converted to/from a Microsoft Excel file. They can be shared by granting access to other Google Drive users or using a web link.

Google Forms
This is a tool you can use to conduct surveys, collect information, or plan events. The forms can be sent using web links or can be embedded on a website. The data is collected into a Google Sheet.

Google Sites
This is an easy to use, free website development tool provided by Google. There are many easy to use templates and gadgets that can help you build out a simple, effective website. Google provides excellent step-by-step instructions on how to use this tool.

Drop Box
DropBox is an easy-to-use cloud storage tool that can be use to save documents and for collaboration.  It provides a certain amount of free storage but after you exceed your limit, there is a small charge for additional space. It allows for version control and a helpful desktop app available so that your DropBox appears as a folder on your computer. Learn More

Doodle is a scheduling tool that allows you to provide meeting time options and poll a group of people to see when everyone is available. It is free and easy to use. Learn More

This is a remote-collaboration tool available to all community colleges and is the tool used for the AEBG webinars. It provides access to phone conferencing, web-conferencing, webinars, and web classes. It also allows recording of webinars and web-conferences, real-time chat and polling tools. Please ask the community college in your consortium how your region can use this tool. Learn More

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The California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office (CCCCO) and the California Department of Education (CDE) are working in partnership to implement the requirements outlined in the Adult Education Block Grant (AEBG). We will continue to provide guidance and solicit feedback from the field throughout the implementation process.

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