Hanover Review of October 31st Plans-to-Date

In order to gain an overview of what was happening across the 70 AB86 Regional Consortia, the Cabinet commissioned a review of the July 31, 2014 and October 31, 2014 plans-to-date of the AB 86 regional plans by Hanover Research. Below please find the link to the Hanover narrative report and summary data.

Note: The Hanover Report and summary data was not be submitted to the legislature. They provided an overview of the plans to date as of the July 31st and October 31st reporting dates. Additionally, the summary data provided by Hanover Research was not a "report card" of the consortia, rather it was an overview of the strategies that have developed organically during the planning process. Please use these documents as tools to get ideas for strategies or to learn more about how other regions are approached their planning process. The Hanover report and summary data  can also be used for self-evaluation and reflection.

Note on the Summary Data: We are aware that for some of the regions, the summary data does not fully reflect all strategies being presented in their report.  The report and summary data were completed by a neutral party and all strategies presented in the July 31st and October 31st reports may not have been accounted for in the summary data. Please use this as an internal tool. You can use this data to see which strategies stood out in your region to a third party and you may choose to highlight additional strategies in a different way.

Additionally, please note that the strategies listed in the summary data do not represent a rubric or scoring system and are not required to be included in your plan. Again this was only a high-level look to get a general overview of trends across the state.

Summary Data - AB86 Consortia Proposal Objectives - California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office [XLSX]

Narrative Analysis of AB 86 Consortia Proposal Objectives - California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office [PDF]

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